Healthy Eating at ECYC a Nut-Free Environment



Each day, the kitchen staff at ECYC freshly prepares breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  These meals are well-balanced, varied, and nutritious. Meals are also planned to be mindful of types of foods appropriate for the various age groups.  This staff works together to plan and deliver a nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack to all of our children on a daily basis. ECYC has the ability to consult with Registered Dietitians when reviewing our menus as a support to our Kitchen staff. Menu suggestions from parents are welcome and can be brought to us through our PLG meetings. ECYC is a completely nut-free environment.


In all age groups, we see our meal times as part of our curriculum. Our staff sits with the children and encourages pleasant conversation. They also encourage the children to try everything on their plates but they do not force children to eat. Our goal is to see that the children get a proper amount of nutritionally balanced food every day. 


Family Style Meals

Serving family-style meals is a great way to allow children the freedom to make decisions and develop their own taste. Family-style meals include child-size tables, set with plates and utensils. Food is passed in easy-to-handle containers for children to serve their own plates. Serving themselves gives children time to practice skills like passing, pouring and scooping foods. Taking turns, sharing and politely turning down foods are all part of the table manners children learn. 


Seeing new foods and watching others serve themselves encourages children who are often unsure about new foods to be more interested in the meal.  Children do not see one food as more important than another. The positive effects of this type of meal service for children include: building lifetime skills, taking part in the entire meal from preparation to cleanup, and enjoying a meal setting that is comfortable and relaxing. 



Fresh Air and Fit-2-Go



ECYC believes that our children should be outside as much as possible. Health experts tell us of the importance of fresh air. Outside play also enables children to release some of their energy and develop large muscle coordination.  Our facilities include 10 age-specific outdoor playgrounds, including climbers and ride-on parks.


Fit-2-Go™ is an organization that brings in various supplemental programs for the children. A music program is provided for all age groups. An exercise program is provided for children from Intermediate through Kindergarten. The music and exercise are part of tuition. Other programs, such as Violin, Spanish, Computers, etc., are offered to parents as a choice which they pay direct to Fit-2-Go™. 



Safety and Security



ECYC employs a Private Security System following New Jersey state guidelines, holding security drills throughout the year.  Ensuring the safety and security of all the children at ECYC is a top priority for our teachers and administrators. We have taken safety measures to ensure that our infrastructure reflects this philosophy. 

We have strict security systems at the door, where parents use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain access into our building. This records every child's entry and departure from the building on a daily basis. With this system, our staff is able to monitor who drops off and picks up each child. Children are released ONLY to those individuals who have been listed on enrollment records and who have been confirmed by identification check.