Welcome to the Kindergarten Program



Your child is now ready to begin a journey towards the formal education system in your community. Bridging the road from Pre-K to First Grade happens in the Kindergarten year. At ECYC our commitment to you and your child is to provide a program that will enable them to succeed in First Grade and have the enthusiasm to learn throughout their lifetime.


Your child will be met with challenges, experiences and many opportunities for making choices. Along with this she/he will be encouraged to express thoughts and feelings more clearly as they gain the ability to socialize within a group. In keeping with our philosophy of a discovery based curriculum our Kindergarten program will be one that will encourage hands on experiences. Children in Kindergarten continue to use their hands as the main instruments of learning. By manipulating objects in their environment the learning base will become strong and

valuable for the future school experience.


As this year comes quickly to an end you will find your child has developed into a self sufficient, self reliant learner ready to meet the challenges of First Grade and beyond.


The Kindergarten Curriculum

Academically children in Kindergarten will be introduced to all subject matter needed for entrance to First Grade. ECYC follows the NJ Core Curriculum to ensure your child meets your school district requirements. Through the ongoing support of ECYC staff training our Kindergarten Teachers keep up with new trends and practices by attending the New Jersey Association of Kindergarten Educators conferences. They

then implement any new strategies that will enhance our Kindergarten program to the benefit of the children.


Our philosophy for learning in Kindergarten is in keeping with the ECYC Philosophy:

• Every child is seen as an individual developing at their own pace.

• Every child is treated with respect.

• Every child is accepted for their background and culture.

• Every child can learn limits and be in control of their own behavior.

• Every child is given a variety of opportunities to develop cognitive, motor, social emotional and language skills through hands on learning.


We maintain low ratios enabling our staff to provide an individualized approach to each child’s learning style while working together in a group setting.