Welcome to the Infant Program

All babies are born with special talents and strengths, and they begin learning from the minute that they are born.  Yet each baby is unique.  Infants develop at different rates and focus on different areas at different times.

Research now tells us that the first three years of a baby’s life are more critical to a child’s development than we ever imagined. This is a time of discovery. It is exciting to watch them grow and acquire new skills, with one skill building upon another. It is a time for recognizing babies as amazing and special individuals.

We look forward to working with you and your child through this fascinating period of growth and development.

General Program Information / INFANT Program Curriculum

The goal of our curriculum is based on the book Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum promotes an environment that helps children gain a sense of trust and belonging. Staff observes children so that they are able to plan with special attention paid to the interests and individual needs of the children and families in the program.

Curriculum is the term used for the way we set up and organize our learning environment. The child’s entire experience is important; there is a purposeful connection between learning and caring.

Our environment is designed to:

  • Promote a sense of confidence in the child’s journey to become a lifelong learner.
  • Promote a secure and caring atmosphere in which to instill individuality.
  • Promote positive self-concept through the caring interactions with Teachers
  • Promote all aspects of development: large and small motor, cognitive, perceptual, social, emotional, creative and expressive language.
  • To be free of bias and to embrace diversity.

We appreciate how important these early years are in young children’s development.  Current research shows that when we provide very young children with warm responsive care at home and in childcare, we help shape their future development and ability to learn.

Enjoy , Learn and Live with ECYC