Welcome to the Intermediate Program

This is a transitional year between the Toddler and Preschool programs where ages range from 28 months to around 36 months. It is an exciting time of investigation, experimenting, and striving toward independence and self-assertion.

In accordance with ECYC’s philosophy, the Intermediate program strives to provide an environment for each child that encourages their natural curiosity. A developmentally appropriate curriculum is planned which is based on the age span of the children within the group and is implemented with attention to the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of the individual children in the group.

This will be a special year of rapidly developing skills and abilities that will enable your child to discover so much more about him/herself and the people and things around them.

General Program Information / Intermediate Program Curriculum

The goal of our Intermediate curriculum is based on the book Creative Curriculum, in keeping with the ECYC philosophy and discovery-based learning we use in all other programs. Staff observes children and plans with special attention paid to the interest and individual needs of the children and families in the program. Curriculum is based on each child’s entire experience throughout the day.  The staff follow the guidelines of the Creative Curriculum providing well-rounded activities in which all stages of development are incorporated in their play. The physical, social, emotional, language and intellectual development of each child is taken into account when planning the Intermediate curriculum. The intent is to look at each child as an individual and foster a self-confidence that leads to competence and success in his/her intellectual, creative, and physical development according to his/her individual learning style and ability.

Developmentally appropriate activities are planned

Small muscle eye/hand coordination toys and large muscle equipment is provided. Sensory experiences include but are not limited to water play, finger-painting, and exploring textures in a tactile table. Fine motor skills are developed through the use of child proof scissors, tearing of paper, puzzles, various manipulative toys as well as drawing and play dough. Cognitive skills are developed throughout the curriculum in Science activities such as sink and float experiments, cooking activities, and a variety of manipulative materials to challenge the thinking process. Literacy is also a major part of the day as songs, stories, chants, finger puppets and teacher child conversations happen throughout the day.  Outdoor play in our age-appropriate yards is a part of our daily routine to promote healthy activity.  Occasional wagon rides to explore the neighborhood are taken in age-appropriate wagons with seat belts.

Our environment is designed to:

  • Empower each child to become a confident, caring person with a desire to explore new and challenging adventures
  • Encourage the ongoing development of self- regulation skills.
  • Develop an awareness and acceptance of different cultures.
  • Promote all aspects of development: large and small motor, cognitive, perceptual, social, emotional, creative, and expressive language.
  • Encourage individuality and a high self-esteem.

Enjoy , Learn and Live with ECYC