Welcome to the Pre-K Program

The Pre-K years (ages four-five) are a time for learning at this age. This is the final timeframe before the more formalized structure begins for children. During this period, they will become proficient with their fine motor skill development. This is reflected by their increased progression with utilizing a pencil, coloring and walking in lines.

Pre-K children are being prepared for Kindergarten, while still learning social norms. They have opportunities to engage in higher level activities that allow for learning but still incorporates a level of play to support their excitement about school and student related events.

The child to adult ratio in Pre-K is 10:1. These ratios are maintained throughout the day both inside and outside except at nap time. During nap, staff members take breaks, and the ratio goes up during this two-hour period, but never exceeds state ratios. On field trips we try to lower our child to adult ratios to 2:1 whenever possible. To do this, we ask our parents to help chaperone trips when they are scheduled.

The Pre-K Curriculum

Our Pre-K curriculum is based on the book Creative Curriculum. Children are encouraged to explore not only materials but also their relationships with peers and adults. The teachers and children are given autonomy on how to dive into these topics based on what they are most interested in and need support with throughout the year. The children also have an opportunity to engage in different “studies/projects” throughout the year. These studies are developed based on common interests and questions the children have. If the children have a common interest that mirrors the studies provided by The Creative Curriculum, then the staff will plan according to the activities and discussion questions provided through the curriculum. If the children’s common interest is something new, teachers work together to follow the study template provided by The Creative Curriculum to develop activities and experiences that fulfill all areas of learning.

ECYC philosophy for learning in Pre-K:

Everything the staff plans and organizes is carefully thought through with the following curriculum goals in mind:

  • To educate young children on the functions of the brain, mental health, and how to become mentally resilient .
  • To provide opportunities for children to express their thoughts and questions in their
    • own expressive language, whether through art, building, physical movement, etc.
  • To develop a socially confident child who is an active partner in the classroom.
  • To build a foundation that will strengthen the children’s future academic learning.

Enjoy , Learn and Live with ECYC