Welcome to the Toddler Program

Waddlers and Toddlers begin to get around very quickly. They focus on walking and running, and they are very good climbers. Their memory improves daily as they understand many new words.  Their vocabulary is also increasing, and they are better understood.  They can insist on being independent and doing things their own way. While striving for autonomy, toddlers need patient care. They need to be loved, understood, and respected.

This is an exciting time of growth and development for your child.  It is a time where their interests begin to develop, they seek active exploration of their environment, and they love a challenge.

General Program Information / Toddler Program Curriculum

The goal of our Toddler curriculum is based on the book Creative Curriculum, in keeping with the ECYC philosophy of discovery-based learning promoted in all age groups. Staff observes children and plans with special attention paid to the interests and individual needs of the children and families in the program. Toddler Curriculum includes everything that occurs in the room.  From the design of the environment to the materials on the shelves to the activities planned each day. The child’s entire experience is important. The physical, social, emotional, language and intellectual development of each child is considered when planning activities. Small muscle/eye hand coordination toys and large muscle equipment is provided. Sensory experiences include such activities as water play, finger-painting, and working with play dough. Outdoor play is also a part of our daily routine. Our goal is to foster self-confidence and competence in the children as they discover the world around them.  We strive to encouraging each child’s intellectual, creative, and physical abilities while at the same time fostering a positive image and a love of exploring the world.

Our environment is designed to:

  • Empower each child to be a confident learner whose interest is always being challenged.
  • Develop self-regulation while becoming secure and caring.
  • Promote positive self-concept.
  • Promote all aspects of development: large and small motor, cognitive, perceptual, social, emotional, creative, and expressive language.
  • Enjoy diversity among all the children in their room.
  • Provide a place for children where their discoveries lead to their learning.

Enjoy , Learn and Live with ECYC